My scene works only once with DW2 Wi-Fi

I tried to setup a scene in eWeLink for a DW2 Wi-Fi device. DW2 is configured for Timeout Recognition Alarm after 2 minutes.

After opening, “Door was opened” message arrives, 2 minutes later “Door has been open for 2 minutes”. This triggers my scene and sets “Channel1 ON” for DUALR2 (sirene). Device DUALR2 is configured to switch off after 1 minute, so “Channel1 OFF” is done. Another minute later “Door has been open for 2 minutes” is emitted again by DW2 Wi-Fi, but my scene does not trigger again. “Door has been open for 2 minutes” arrives every 2 minutes until door is closed, but Channel1 on DUALR2 will not be switching on my sirene for another minute, it works only the first time, e.g. after the configured 2 minutes TimeOut Recognition. But it should start again my sirene on DUALR2 every time TimeOut Recognition sends “Door has been open for 2 minutes” until the door gets closed! I think, this is an error in the DW2 Wi-Fi firmware or in the eWeLink.

I reported it to Support, but got just a feedback number #177202 and two days later from ITEAD Studio that they “logged a ticket” in my name. That is now 5 weeks ago, since then no life signs.

Any idea to retrigger the scene and DUALR2?