My ihost not appear in my network

My ihost stopped appearing on my network, I’ve tried all the IPs on my network but I can’t access it, I’ve done the reset several times but to no avail, can anyone help me?

Did you set a fixed IP for your iHost? Did you reboot your router?

First you need to make sure that the ihost has started up properly and obtained the IP, this can be clearly seen by the indicator light - it should be blue at this point.

Make sure that the device you want to access ihost must be on the same LAN as it, you can try using the domain name ihost.local before trying the ip (it is recommended to try using Chrome on PC).

If you have access to the router that ihost is connected to, you can try to find its IP and access it - again, it is recommended to use the Chrome browser on the PC to verify.