My Hue Light don't show up in my scene


I just bought a SNZB-06P and I wanted to use it to turn on the light when presence is detected. I have the SONOFF Bridge as well. I linked my Philips Hue account and I can see my lights in the eWeLink apps … but, if I am trying to create a scene, the only Smart Device that shows up is my SONOFF Bridge.

I am probably doing something wrong, but I can’t find what :slight_smile:

I’m not sure if ewelink currently has such support implemented… I don’t have Hue to test, so it’s hard for me to speculate, but you can try and pair both your accounts there and create a scene.

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Is your Sonoff ZBBridge a pro version? Because if it is not, your plan cannot be implemented. For SNZB-06P you need ZBBridge Pro, iHost or NSPanel Pro.

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Thanks, I will look into this. But if it’s like IFTTT, it might be a paying feature on the eWeLink side.

Thanks for the answer. Yes, the bridge is a Pro version. You gave the sweat as I was not even aware there was two versions :slight_smile:

Next question. Are you trying to create problematic scenes in the eWeLink app?

Yes, I do.

But does your device work? Is it paired and visible in the app?

In the title you write that you don’t see Hue, and in the post you say that you don’t see SNZB-06P, or exactly anything beyond “SONOFF Bridge”, but you see Hue…

And do you want to set sonoff or hue as the trigger (If)?

To be able to select SNZB-06P in “If” it must first be added to ewelink and work, otherwise it will not appear on the selection list.

Indeed. Is SNZB-06P the only device connected to ZB Bridge? Are there any more? If there are - do you see them in the app?