Controling hue lights in scenes

I have ewlink with a couple of switches and motion sensors and works good. I have also connected and integrated my hue system with 20 lights which i see in the dadhboard and can control, switching on and off. Works good. But when i want to create a scene i do not see my hue light bulbs in the actions. All my lights are availabe in the dashboard but not in the scene creator. I do not understand this difference? Anybody knows a solution?

Strange, I can indeed see and action hue light on SCENES using Android app ver 4.32.0 or add Hue light as NS Panel widgets what is really nice.

I find it strange … also. My version is 4.32.0 but it is not android. It is an iPhone
That is a difference. I can sevenths light and trigger them manual but not in a scene.

Today I bought an original sonoff bulb, added it robeqlinkg and I can see that one, trigger it manual AND I can trigger this bulb in a scene

Also tried this. Removed all hue light, disconnected it and connectedness again, but that did not make difference. Still no lights visible as a trigger for a scene.

Can uou share some screen shors? Maybe i try to rst it with an android.

Hi, think I found what is happening. If I try to trigger the SCENE with other Sonoff device, like a SNZB01 zigbee push button, I can not pick any HUE device either in the ACTION side. But if I try a PUSH TO PLAY SCENE , I can indeed include HUE devices as part of the SCENE ACTION. In any case you can combine both and have a Sonoff device to trigger the push to play scene that in turn sctions the HUE device.

Hope this helps

Hi there, could you show me the device ID of your Hue lights added in eWeLink App?

I do not understand what a push to play is. In my iphone app i can create scenes, automated or by hand (in dutch automatisch / handmatig). In both i do not see a hue bulb and therefore also not select it.
Not yet tried it with an android as i do not have one available at the moment.

In my app there is no other functionality to do dtuff like that an use my hue bulbs in an automated way.

My light in the dining room had id abc801171d philips huewt.
An other one has abc800b328 philips huewt.

Does that gife youba clue?

Thank you for the additional info. In fact, this Philips light can be added to the actions in manual scene. We will bring the request of adding it to the auto scene to our tech team. Appreciate your feedback.

Hi, I wanted to leverage your advice and I created manual scene which turns on Hue light and then I’ve created automated scene based on Sonoff SNZB-01 button setup in a way that if button is pressed, then play manual scene which turns on the light AND create push notification (for testing). It is however failing. I press the button, notification shows on screen but next to turning on Hue device there is just red FAILED and no light is turning on. It seems like a bug to me.

Same here. I can’t add the Hue lights directly to the scene and triggering them through a manual scene fails.

@PeterGoGo is a fix for this coming anytime soon?

Actually, Philips Hue lights cannot be added to create an auto scene because they have API limitations, and therefore, the commands cannot be automatically executed by the cloud server. Only works when the lights and the App are in the same local network.

Thanks a lot for the quick response. Really appreciate it.

What you probably meant is that the current integration in eWeLink has limitations, right? Hue definitely has a Cloud API that can be triggered from anywhere.

Given the limitation of the current integration, would it be possible to lift the restriction from NFC triggers similar to how they are lifted from manual scenes? I think the difference of pushing a button in the app versus starting the app and the scene by scanning an NFC tag isn’t meaningful.