Multiple NSPanel Pros and repeater for ZBMINIL2

Hi, and apologies in advance for the length of my post. Currently, I have a setup consisting of one NSPanel Pro and 35 ZBMINIL2, and I’m encountering the following issues:

a) After a power cut, the NSPanel displays the QRCode and requires reintegration into Ewelink. Fortunately, there’s no need to reconfigure it; it just needs to be added again to recover all the information. Is this behavior normal, and is there a way to prevent it?

b) Periodically, some ZBMINIL2 devices become unreachable. I understand that they don’t function as Zigbee repeaters. Is there a solution to address this issue? I attempted to add a Bridge, but it seems to require independent addition of Zigbee devices. What would be the best approach to resolve this?

c) I’m planning to add a few more NSPanels to the same network. Is there a way to “clone” them to ensure access to the same devices from each panel?

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