Most unexpectedly S-Mate revealed itself to Alexa as a remote

Surprise, surprise! Unexpectedly, S-Mates have been added to my Alexa account as remotes. What happened? Why S-Mates only? How about R5? Why Alexa only and still no go with iHost? It’s so unexpected that I don’t have a slightest idea how possibly I could use this. At least, for now :slight_smile:

Any comments from eWeLink? Something?

Hi there, yep S-mate is just available to be added to Alexa as a remote. Besides, SNZB-01P and SNZB-01can be added, too. We will provide more details later.

Wating for more details. Does it mean that I can trigger anything with S-Mate, like “Alexa, play my favourite radio station”?
How about R5?

After adding the S-mate to the condition, you can set actions according to your requirements.
R5 is currently not supported yet.

I will test actions. Looks promising :slight_smile:
That R5 is not yet supported, I have of course noticed. When it will it be, that is the question. I understand that all eWeLink remote devices will be some day, yes?