Moes T6E to Nspanel PRO


I recently bought a Nspanel PRO on the local market - at least I thought so. It was very cheap, so I did not think too long and just bought it :wink:

Upon my return, I noticed that something was wrong… After launching the panel, I saw the Tuya icon. I searched the Internet and it seems that I bought a clone of Nspanel Pro made by Moes (model T6E)…

Is it possible to install the original Sonoff firmware on this panel? Of course, the Tuya version is also fine, but I have several Sonoff switches, etc. and I want to control them with this panel.


I guess not.

No, it’s not possible. Both panel utilise a Rockchip PX30 chip, often used for embedded Android based systems, such as cheap car infotainment units. Considering the PX30 has a small development community, it is not impossible to eventually be able to flash a custom ROM. Apart from that, the panels use different Zigbee modules. For now it is possible to bridge the Zigbee module to TCP for use with Zigbee2MQTT or ZHA, or run Zigbee2MQTT on the panel. If you have the knowledge to do so, search on the internet. Otherwise, don’t try it.

It’s not a clone. Several manufacturers offer similar products.

Thank you very much for all the answers! So I will buy Nspanel Pro and use this Moes in my second house where I have some Tuya devices.


The Zigbee module in your panel is Tuya-orientated. I guess it contains hardware that is unique for Tuya platform. Also the screen requires specific drivers. eWeLink developed propriety ones for ITEAD’s Nextion displays used in NSPanel.
Both panel are very similar products, based on the same embedded Android version. You have seen one of such panels, you’ve seen them all with all the bugs and wasted potentials :slight_smile: