Mini R2 to control my aquarium ventilation fan

I need some ideas to better control my aquarium ventilation fan.
The hot temperature of my 500 litres aquarium generates a certain amount of humidity and that’s why I installed a fan that circulates the air from the inside of the aquarium unit to the outside.

I want the fan to work in cycles (for example 10 minutes on every hour) but I don’t want it to work overnight (for example between 10pm to 10am).

If I use the “Loop Timer” option I can’t get it to not work overnight (at least I can’t find that option).
If I use the “Schedule” option I can only set 8 orders (4 orders so put the fan ON and 4 orders to put the fan OFF and that is not enought to set one cycle per hour in a period os 12 hours daily).

Any ideas?
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You can use termostat TH16 with temperature sensor or temperature/humidity sensor and use schedule only in the day

Hello there, like what LukOlek said, you can try TH16 and its Auto mode. In Auto mode, you can set a max. value for temp and humidity. When the temp reaches the max value, the device will be automatically off.

If you want to keep controlling the aquarium ventilation fan with MiniR2, you can create a Scene. Set a timer for the condition while in the actions, make full use of the Delay. For example:
Condition: Time of Day 9 am

Action: Turn on Mini R2
Delay in 59 min
Turn off Mini R2
Delay in 59 min
Turn on Mini R2
Delay in 59min
Turn off Mini R2

By the way, if you would like to keep an eye on the fish or wanna make sure if the ventilation fan works well, you can add eWeLink Camera App to the device that connects to the fan.

Reuse an Android phone and get the mobile App at [Google Play Store]

You can use the cyclical loop mode conditioned by some output of some device that its contacts are not used, and you activate that device at sunrise and deactivate it at sunset