Turn off channel 2 15 mins after channel 2 button is pressed

This used to work for me but for whatever I simply cannot make this happen anymore. The bathroom light is channel 1. The fan channel 2. I simply want the fan to continue running for 15 mins once the button is pressed on the wallswitch. It used to do this but after a power outage I had to reset it and I cannot for the life of me remember how to make this happen.

Please help

I guess you are looking at Inching option in your device setting tab (eWeLink app), it allow auto toggling of after a specific period

Yes it’s the inching feature for sure. I used to be able to push the button and the switch would turn off but the fan would keep running which is what I want. Now when the switch is pushed the fan goes off immediately. If I leave the fan running it automatically turns off after 15 mins. I would just like to be able to push the switch but the fan stay running.

Maybe do it based on the scene for a change… Or maybe Timer?

If you enter a room, what sequence turns on the fan? Do you do this manually or is it an action associated with channel 1?

Or do you turn on the fan manually when you leave the room and just want it to turn off after 15 minutes? In such a case, as @ward has already mentioned, the “inching” function of the device.


In this case, if the channel is ON it will not matter, turning ON again will simply not be executable and will start counting down the time and turn OFF.

You can also do it a little differently… If you press the second channel button only initiate a delayed sequence.

A lot depends on when and how the fan is to be turned on and how configurable the Sonoff device is with two channels. Also, when you say button, do you mean the physical button on the Sonoff device or a separate one?