Attic Fan Temperature or(not and) Humidity

I’m trying to control an attic fan with a TH10

If the temp is over the setting the fan runs briefly but I think the humidity setting turns it off. Is there a way to stop them from canceling each other?

A screenshot about how you set the conditions?

Thanks for your quick reply!

I also included the log.

I use the th10 for my terrariums. If you are in the th10, you will see the auto on the left. Click on that. Turn it on. In the terrariums it should be at least 25 degrees and max. 35.
I have the settings there:
temp. higher than 35 degrees → off
temp. lower than 25 degrees → on
and the effective period : all day.
The humidity has no influence on the on and off.
do it only with temp. , not in combination with humidity.

I deleted the humidity setting so that’s how I have it working now.

The old analog control would turn the fan on when the temperature OR humidity was above a set point(usually around 85-90%) I doubt my attic ever gets that high but it’s supposed to work that way. You can configure settings for both the temp and humidity but when both are set they work as an ‘AND’ instead of an ‘OR’, I can’t think of a reason why anyone would want it to work that way but you should be able to do either.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for your feedback. Regarding your request to have the device consider both temperature and humidity before executing an action, we recommend using the scene feature to achieve this. You can create a scene with the condition “If the device temperature reaches 75.9℉ and humidity reaches 85%RH, then turn on the device.”

Additionally, I noticed that in your AUTO mode settings, you have only used a single value for temperature or humidity. For example, if the temperature exceeds 75.9℉, the device turns on, and if it falls below 75.9℉, the device turns off. This may result in frequent on/off cycles if the temperature quickly fluctuates around the set value, which could potentially harm the device. Therefore, I recommend using two values as the criteria when using the AUTO mode to control the device.

Not “and”… “or”

I want the fan to run

If temp>85 or humid >85

If temp=86 humid=35 fan=on
If temp=72 humid=86 fan=on
If temp=72 humid=72 fan=off