Matter link not updating device details?

I have my ihost linked to alexa via matter, new ZigBee devices are recognized by Alexa instantly but renaming them doesn’t update their names in alexa.

Is that expected or an ihost issue?

yes, it is.

That seems like an useless feature then

Why do you think so?

What’s the point of syncing devices between platforms if they don’t reflect the names and state updates? I got a bunch of temperature sensors paired with ihost which show random stock names in alexa making them useless outside of ihost.

With sonoff zbbridge that link was seamless.

The problem with the names is due to the implementation of the Matter protocol and lies with Alexa. In general, the implementation of Matter is still in development. Different things happen. When you used ZBBridge, the mapping blueprint (including names) was completely different. Unfortunately, iHost does not provide Zigbee devices to the eWeLink cloud as it is a local server. That’s the climate we have :tipping_hand_man:

I would say it is expected for Matter, but we are not there yet. Alexa even adds matter devices as “First Device, Second Device, etc”

Google sometimes has similar behavior… but they seemed to fix it recently.

Guess there should be more efforts from both sides to get it work better.