Malfunction of the two-channel zb relay "baumess" zgbee smart control TYDC2

I am writing here because writing to support through the app ewelink does not work due to a limited number of characters. Please pass on my message to the support group.

I’m having problems with a two-channel rf-zb relay running under ewelink - made by “aubess”. The problem is this - when creating an automatic script to turn on the relay by the time of the day, or by a motion sensor, or by pressing the zb button, or by the state of any other device, the first channel turns on for less than half a second, while the second channel works fine. The relay itself has its own personal programming and in all modes the same problem - the second channel works according to the program, and the first one works for a short time. The only script that works as expected is the “manual” script. In the “manual” scenario, the first channel works as expected. And there are also no problems with turning on and off through the built-in buttons. There are 4 such devices and the problem is the same for all. This brings great inconvenience when using relays to control curtains and water tap drives. I hope this problem is not in the relays themselves and can be fixed with the next updates.