Making Extractor fan smart. Please help

I have a standard UK setup. Manrose MF100 Mixflow inline fan ( in the loft that turns on when I turn the light on, and turns off when light off as the switch is a 1 gang switch. I have bought a 1 gang smart light switch for the bathroom. will this have an impact on the smart switch? this one

I will be using Woolley WiFi Smart Switch Module Mini Dual Control Switch Wireless Smart Relay Switch 16A 3500W for as the relay

I have fan with no timer (L and N only).

I intend to automate the humidity sensor to turn the fan on when the humidity is above my preference setting and turn of when it meets my set target.

i need 2 core and earth cable right?

For the Woolley WiFi Smart Switch Module Mini Dual Control Switch Wireless Smart Relay Switch 16A 3500W which has 6 terminals (The S1 and S2 terminals will not be used). Nin is direct neutral coming in from the light circuit and Lin will be from the loop in.

Then (2nd) Nin goes to the N terminal of the extractor fan and the Lout goes to the L terminal in the fan.

As i do not have a timer, where do i sit on the issue of permanent live and switched live

have i missed a step?

** I will also be using an isolation switch by the way

For example, the Sonoff THR316D with humidity and temperature sensor, from a programmable application, switches 16 Ampere, but there is also a 20 Ampere:

I’m not sure this option will work for mr sir. Thanks for replying sir.

I would personally just use a Zigbee Temp/Humidity Sensor and trigger a scene. Can you connect your wifi switch to eWeLink or a partner like Olisto? If so then you only need a Zigbee hub and a Zigbee temp/humidity sensor.

I already have ewelink zigbee hub which controls all the motion sensors in the house and 1 temperature and humidity sensor in the bathroom. I do intend to use scene to automate the sensor to switch on the extractor fan when i want it to do so.

This is currently the best option for me. I just wanna know if anyone how to connect the 16A Mini Smart Switch 2 Way Control WiFi to the light circuit.

Are you happy with the light and the fan still turning on at the same time?

Yes i am. However, is the smart switch safe to be used as a light switch if both the fan and the light on the same circuit?

It depends on the power rating of the light and the fan combined and it if it exceeds the maximum capacity of the switch. There is a non-neutral version of the Zigbee Mini I am pretty sure. Called Zigbee Mini-L I think. I would assume someone puts in a really high powered bulb. I have changed my bathroom lights to LED Down lights. The maximum power of these is small. It’s pretty common to have both powered together anyway. On the instructions for my last extractor fan it gave that as one possibility too.

I just google it. 6Amp max. No way you’d exceed that and the light and extractor fan are likely connected in series, rather than parallel anyway. That’s be the easy way to do it if your backbox is big enough. Just put it where the switch is and connect the S1/S2 to your switch with two new short wires and all done.