Make google assistant/home speak when RF alarm alarm is triggered


I’ve put in a RF alarm trigger in my mailbox to notify me when the mailman arrives. It’s a SONOFF bridge and SONOFF RF alarm trigger.

How can I make my google home/assistent tell me (by speaking) about this? “You’ve got mail!” like…

thank you


Hi Christian, so far I know Alexa’s routine can do this, but Google Assistant seems not support

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I tried to set a IFTTT applet like “if receive an email, then google assistant say…” but google assistant service can’t be added as actions, so IFTTT :no_good_man:
Recently Google home app has online their routine, but I can’t choose my smart device as trigger, and it doesn’t provide an action like “let speaker say… I think it could be supported to do that in the future.
Hope my study can help you.


Alexa can’t detect the RF sensors as a trigger for a routine as it can with other sensors. I don’t use Google Asistent but I would think the same would occur. In a similar situation to this (an old wired doorbell) at home I paired it to RF chime.

Hi John, could you send the device ID of this RF sensors?

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