Arm automatically when I leave

Hello there!.

I’m new using Sonoff devices and WeLink app. I have a doubt, is there anyway to Arm the devices (specifically set the “leave house” mode? Based on my mobile phone using their GPS?. More specifically I need set the sonoff bridge alarm on when I leave my house.

Thanks you in advanced

You can trigger a scene configuring home devices for indoor/outdoor mode based on geolocation from the free MacroDroid application via “webhook”, but you need an advanced plan for this. I use a regular wall RF switch for this purpose. I also placed two NFC tags at the entrance which they work the same way, when I bring the phone to the left side of the door, the house is configured for presence, and when it is to the right, it is configured for absence. I think it is more reliable than automatic geolocation triggering, because something may always go wrong in the program, network, etc…

I agree with the manual process.
I use NFC and or finger print to get home and disarm the alarm and set at home status.
going out I use either rf remote bottom that I have near our exit or tell alexa to arm the alarm. It works great.