Loop Timer


I have sonoff WiFi switch which I’ve linked to the app.

I can create a timer, but I don’t see the option for loop timer?

I’m on iOS

Is this function not supported on iOS, or it a Sonoff issue ?

Look at the bottom right corner. Do you see the same on your phone?

Thanks for the quick response!

I have:
All on
All off

How about other devices? It may be that this one has no looping option, or you may need to set it separately for each channel. Try touching the 3 dots at the top.
BTW, which device is it?

Only have this device for now. Not sure if it’s because of two channels - but I seperated them and still have the issue.

Going to buy a sonoff single switch and see if persists.

I assume you have sonoff ? But on android?

Right, on Android. But it looks the same. My friend uses it on iPhone, so I had many occasions to compare.