Loop Timer ON or OFF after change of state

I need a new function in the app. When I select the Loop function, it starts repeatedly at the selected time, which means that, for example, starting the loop at 9:00, selecting 5 minutes OFF, every 5 minutes the device turns off, that is, at 9:05, 9:10, 9:15, 9:20, etc, but if I turn the device on manually at 9:13 it will turn OFF at 9:15 having only been ON for 2 minutes. In my case it is a water heater that I want to control and I need it to turn OFF after 5 minutes. I suggest the option Loop ON or OFF with a selected time after changing the state of the device.

filipe210 Hello good.

I had a similar problem. I wanted the bathroom light to turn off manually or every 15 minutes of being on. (it’s a public bathroom and most people leave it on) I have done it by creating a manual scene of pressing to activate counting a time and then turning off. I have also done it with node-red that gives it the possibility to kill the timer.

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I’ve just found how to do it.
Turn ON Inching Settings and select the time that you want it to be ON, it will turn off after time elapses :+1: