Issue pairing D1 to Ewelink 5.0


I bought 3 sonoff D1 dimmer devices, and I have a problem pairing with the Ewelink 5.0.
The App does not found the D1 device.
Is it possible to pair the D1 device in compatible mode?
My router is Netgear RAXE500, and i have more than 30 sonoffs devices (MiniR2, Basic R3, TX, NSPanel, …) and they work perfectly.
Can you help me to solve this issue ?


I too was wondering about compatible mode. Because of a broken gas boiler I dig out an oil electric heater that has a Sonoff POW version one. I wanted to change wifi network but can’t add it again with the new app.

Have pulled out all the stops and this dimmer won’t connect. Have 3 other dimmers and about 20 switches all working perfectly. Only difference between the 1 that doesn’t work and all the others is that it’s the only 1 that has ever been paired and disconnected.
Put it into pairing mode. It’s been deleted from the app. Try pair and can never be found. Very frustrating. Any ideas?