Is There Adapters/USBs or anything to extend compatible devices?

I find every few devices are using different protocol “requires MOEs”, “Govee”, “Matter”, “Bluetooth”….

Is there any little expansion devices available that would help combat this and make more devices accessible in iHost?

Whilst I’m here, specifically Govee devices is there anything at all I can do to make compatible with iHost??

In general and in a nutshell, Govee devices should be used with the Govee platform. As I can see on the website, most of them are WiFi devices. The communication protocol is different, and it is a propriety protocol. It is not open. In the same way, you could expect Govee to add support for Sonoff devices. You have to choose which platform you want to use.
Matter and Zigbee (3.0) are a separate issue. Compatible devices must follow certain rules. Things are different here. If you have a Govee ZB or Matter, there is a good chance they will work with Sonoff. You don’t have to buy anything.
It’s best to write down what you want to bind with what. Give the device designations, because the description “such nice hall lights” is not enough to answer. Bear in mind that the Govee brand is quite an ‘exotic’ one.

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Not entirely true fortunately

Govee now supports LAN and Matter
At least on some devices, not sure about all

But I can’t seem to find any way to make that communicate inside of iHost even with nodered or via third party account linking.
The only way I got it to work was with an awkward workaround of
Govee to SmartThings (via Matter) to IFTTT
Then via ifttt webhook to NodeRed on i host

Which causes a delay as you can imagine

Why do you ask if you already know?

My question is getting it to integrate somewhat into iHost platform so I can use it there.

For this you need an add-on that supports the Govee API and an active Govee cloud account. I am not aware of a Govee add-on for iHost, so such integration of WiFi devices is not possible. As for Govee-branded Zigbee devices, there is a chance it could work. Matter devices require a Matter coordinator, which iHost (at least for now) is not.
If you had used the Home Assistant server instead of iHost, you could have integrated Govee-branded WiFi devices with the add-on. To do this, you would need a Govee account anyway. I do not know if the control is solely via the Govee cloud or if LAN mode is also available, as with most Sonoff WiFi devices.
Also look for information about the possibility of changing the firmware on Govee devices to one that allows, for example, MQTT connectivity. Ask Uncle Google :tipping_hand_man:

Is there a govee palette in Node Red or a Govee2MQTT docker you could put on the iHost? With a LAN mode it seems likely there is something. Or homebridge but I don’t know that very well.