Is there a list for typos/misspellings and such?

Is there a place where we can point out typos?
I occasionally see something that slipped through the QA. For instance in iHost Zigbee device infos: “unknow” instead of “unknown”.

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I would say Settings > Feedback.
But maybe we can gather it here on the forum too.

hi cliff,
where did you see this typo please?

Sorry, I won’t have access to my iHost in the next few days. But the “unknow” was in the device info (right hand sinde) for a paired Zigbee device (with the new extended Zigbee feature on). In this case the device was an Ikea motion sensor (which was detected and paired, but without functions). In the device info (when clicking on the wheel) on the right hand side it said “unknow” for battery status.