Is the Pro Plan $69/year a thing?

Hello everyone,
I’d like to know if the Pro Plan exist or not. Maybe the image in the app is just wrong but if it’d exists that would be really usefull in some cases.

We use one of your product for a Camping that has more the 100 people living there all year and in summer reaches well over 300 people.

They, so, need to share the main gate access to all of the customers so they can open autonomously the main gate that at night is closed.

Thank you in advance to anyone that could help me understand.

Have a good one!

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Hi, yes the Pro plan is exist, you can send an email to:
our staff will handle your request.

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@Kya While the plan may exist, I think you need to question whether it will really help you to provide gate access to your campers. Take note, they will be able to control all of your devices, albeit they can not configure them.

I would strongly consider an alternative approach like putting a numeric keypad on the gate or provide a key switch. Even giving them a 433Mhz key fob while on site to open the gate out of hours has got to be better than giving them access to your EWeLink subscription.

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Hello there, and thx for the answers.

I confirm the Plan exists and the support helped me to subscribe It.

With the subscription we are able to give them access Just for an established time when the book their stay.

They do not Need to configure or do anything other than click and make the gate open.

We not share our account but Just the single device or devices they Need to access the camping services.

Thank you anyway for the advise!

Have a nice day guys

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:open_hands: it’s good that your camp site has connectivity. Many of the sites I visit do not have mobile phone access or even WiFi. I hope this works for you.

Yep, we covered all the areas with wifi (that’s actually my job) so there Is no problem to make everything work.

Have a good One everyone