iHost vs advanced plan?

whats should i get ? the advanced plan or the ihost ?
all my devices are sonoff wifi ( around 15 rbg bulbs, 2 rgb stips, about 12 dual r3 , 3 smart plugs & 2 cams , 3 ifans (soon))
1- i prefer for all the the items running locally , all of them communicating with the Ihost & only the Ihost would cunsume internet traffic ( rather then all of them eating up my speeds ) - will the ihost act this way or ??
2- i only use the ewelink app on my phone, however i would like to use it on my laptop ((without bluestacks =Rhythm live not supported) android tv app didnt work aswell) since i mostly use the “Rhythm live” & i dont want the light show to stop whenever i use my phone for other apps…
help ?

Get the advanced plan for now. iHost is under development and I think long development. Bulbs are not supported for sure.After one year U can see what is better.


what do u think about number 1 ? if i get the ihost , can i control it with 4g ? or local only ?

for No.1 yes all the zigbee devices will be running locally, but wifi devices still need to connect to you wifi first, enable the LAN control on the wifi devices and then sync them to iHost by eWeLinkSmartHome add-on.

for No.2 use another phone for the rhythm live maybe, for now there’s no way to use the rhythm live on a PC except for the simulator.