Is TCP port 1883 "reserved" on iHost?

just trying to execute mosquitto container with Docker@iHost, but port 1883 seems to be not assignable. Checked: it seems not open, but the container starts only using different ports.

Someone can confirm 1883 TCP port can’t be used on iHost? Is it reserved?

this post show you how to install and config mosquitto

this is not the answer I was searching for :slight_smile: I know how to solve: changing tcp port. The point is another one.

The 1883 port of iHost is reserved.
It’s not recommended to use it.

If you are trying to run a mosquitto container.
Try run it with bridge network mode and map the 1883 port of container to a custom port.

ok, this is the answer I was searching for: 1883 can’t be used.