Is it posible to get different alarm sound for different detectors?

Is it posible to get different alarm sound for different detectors ?

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Hey there, I’m wondering if the alarm sound you mentioned is coming from the detectors themselves? Or you were referring to the alarm ringtone played by the App? Btw, what types of detectors did you ask?

any detector but I use SNZB-03 and the PIR2 motion detector and they give me the same alarm sound


Hey there, as for SNZB-03, the alarm sound is produced by the Zigbee bridge, however, the PIR2 motion detector or the RF bridge actually doesn’t produce any alarm sound. May I know how could you get the alarm sound for the PIR2?

With the soft ewelink. !

Thanks for the explanation. Currently, the eWeLink App is not able to produce any alarm sound. So now the alarm sound is determined by your phone’s OS. Unfortunately, eWeLink can’t customize the alarm sound on your phone. We’ll bring this to our team and discuss the possibilities.


If you can’t find it here with eWelink, look at Yolink’s speakerhub.

We are considering bring this feature to the NEW on going devices, even with TTS capability with other smart speakers, no more I could tell, aimed to launch to the market in Q2, 2023.

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