Critical Notifications

Hi Dear, some notification are too critical, it would be important to choose a specific notification for a specific device to alert me in different way than other devices. Example, the door sensor or motion sensor should alert me as an alarm or a special ringtone to inform me that something critical is triggered. I believe that choosing different ringtones for critical devices is very necessary.


The way of notifications and ringtones are decided by the OS.

Hi Peter, my point is to have different alerts inside the application, so i can set different notification sound for specific devices not to use a unique and default notification sound for all devices, so when a motion sensor detect a motion then it will give me a different sound which I can recognize it as a critical notification and then I can interfere if needed.


Я вже колись пропонував таку ідею. Але нічого так і не змінилось. Це насправді було б дуже гарне оновлення для ewelink і вирішило безліч проблем!!!


I support the idea! That would be very good, if they do I will be very happy.

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Far from I know, Android and iOS do allow developers to customize their app’s ringtone, but what to customize a ringtone for specific devices I think it’s not possible, but we will look deep into the developer specific to doublecheck.

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Hi! I’m looking to do so too! The alarm clock-app on my Samsung is able to play different sounds, even mp3 or wav at different set times. So why couldn’t eWeLink do the same?

Well, Samsung is the OS owner and they tailed the original Android for their phones while eWeLink is just an App developer.