IOS 16, iPhone, Camera on full screen does not rotate

On Android in the Ewelink app, when you click on full screen in camera mode the display rotates to horizontal.

On IOS 16 on an iPhone 14 that does not work. When you rotate in full screen mode the display does not rotate.

Edit, rotation issue seems fixed it the new version. Thank you!

Hey there, our tech team is now working on the full-screen compatibility with iOS 16. Expect to make it compatible with iOS 16 in the next update. Thanks for your feedback.

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Hello, in IOS 16 from the last update I have a problem with hiting back and save buttons in scene mode. I thing is a problem with rendering.


Hi there, thanks for bringing it to our attention. We’ve brought it to our tech team. Our team will fix it asap.

I tried every possible fix out there untill i fixed it by enabling the auto-rotation feature on your iPhone.