Increase size of system partition on NSPANELPRO

Hi All
I’m trying to install xposed framework, but run out of space…
I’m using a nspanelpro with 3.2 firmware
I’m guessing on the system partition of the disk, as there’s plenty on sdcard

perhaps this new firmware takes up most of the space…
is there a way to increase the space on that partition… or is there a folder / file that’s safe to delete.

For anyone with the same problem… my device out of the box updated to 3.2 firmware.
This left the SYSTEM partition / folder at 99% capacity!!! Very useful!!! NOT!!!

I connected via adb shell. switched to SU and mounted the file system as writable.
I then navigated to the SYSTEM / APP folder as this was where I guessed I could do the least damage by deleting folders. I ran du - sh * to see which were taking up the most space and then used some ‘common sense???’ to delete things like printspooler and kz_app etc…

I then tried installing the expose framework again and it completed successfully.
Weird now the exact same device / firmware I took out of the box yesterday didn’t have this problem.

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I am afraid this is not the best place for such questions. It is too technical and using it rooted.

XDA or other Android communities may get you a better response.