iHost Zigbee

I was wondering if it’s possible to add to iHost firmware, option that allows to turn off zigbee coordinator on iHost.
To be honest range of zigbee signal from iHost is pitifully low comparing to Sonoff Zigbee bridge. That’s why I’m using it only as a HA server with Sonoff zigbee bridge flashed with Tasmota (ZHA).
Very limited iHost firmware doesn’t allow me to use it in different way so I would like to have possibility to get rid everything what’s useless.

You can’t turn it off, but you can choose not to use it - just like wifi and BLE, they’re there now, just not using them

I’m not usig it now but I was thinking this option (turn off) let me drop down CPU usage. I know that iHost team has more importent problems to solve these days but that would be nice option in the future.

If you do not use it to add any zigbee devices, in fact - this does not use any CPU resources, it is the same as turning off zigbee functionality.

Just adding a question to the discussion:
I have several ZigBee Hubs/Coordinators active in my home. Does an unused coordinator (like in iHost oder NS Panel Pro) interfere with ZigBee networks that are actually in use?

No, it doesn’t send anything wirelessly… when you’re not using it It’s like it doesn’t exist


This is fine. I also prefer to use SONOFF Zigbee Bridge Pro with various extensions.