iHost Support for New Smart TH-16/ TH-20

Dear EWELINK can I ask if future iHost support is planned for ‘New Smart’ TH-16/ TH-20 switches (firmware ver 3.5.0) currently supported in the EWELINK Cloud App.

Thank you

hi, please let me know the device id ( in eWeLink app)

Hi, Thank you for reaching out to me. The device id is 1001e22761 (fw name PSF-BHA-GL current ver 3.5.0)


It is supported, you can add it to iHost via the eWeLink Smart Home add-on.

Thanks for your response. I have reinstalled eWeLink Smart Home add-on to my iHost but it is still showing as “Not Suppoprted Yet”- please see screen shot.

The firmware of your device might not support LAN.
Please confirm the device do have the LAN control switch in eWeLink app.

SuiKa, thank you for reaching out. Yes you are correct the eWeLink app does not show the LAN control option for this device. Not a problem I can replace with a Sonoff TH device for my system Thanks for investigating this issue.

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