Ihost & POW elite NO data local

I have 2 sonoff pow elite and Ihost the latest version, if the 2 sonoffs have access to the internet and I connect to ihost via vpn I can also see the current consumption graph, BUT if the 2 sonoffs do not have access to the internet, then there are no more data available for charting.
My conclusion is that the data is not stored locally as you claim, but is still in the cloud, or it must be set somehow and I haven’t found it
Thank you

The power consumption data are stored locally on the device, however, some POW devices don’t support LAN reporting of power statistics, so the power consumption graph will not be displayed on iHost.
Can you provide your POW device ID for me to check?

this is from ewelink
this is for ihost
For sonoff TH there is no graph in Ihost?


Hello, these devices all support local counting of power consumption data and reporting via LAN, and the current iHost 1.13.0 version already supports displaying its data information.

If your iHost does not support power consumption display, please make sure your version is up to date.(iHost v1.13.0 & eWeLink Smart Home add-on v2.0.1)

I already told you that everything is in the latest version
exactly as in the image you attached, I also have the same problem, without data, the graph window exists, but it does not display anything
I repeat this happens when I connect to Ihost via VPN and the sonoff device does not have access to the Internet but is available in the LAN
If the device has access to the Internet, then I can see the data, the graph is createdimage

How to display energy consumption from the sonoff Pow R2 device in ihost?