iHost - Pass on devices to docker container

Docker management is great and the volumes are a real help. It would be great if docker management would also include the ability to pass through devices to the docker. And if it was documented, how to directly access the native Zigbee hub.

There are no plans at the moment. External Dockers do not have access to and control over zigbee hardware - this is designed for a higher level of security.

However, in the plan, we will try to make Docker capable of using USB ports - including storage and USB communication

Thanks for the info, @Alexie
This means that I could connect a Zigbee stick to enable use in Docker. :thinking:
A pretty odd thought to have a box with native Zigbee and needing an extra Zigbee-stick. But at least it is an option. And in principle, enabling use of the USB-port makes absolute sense. Any idea when this will be?

Come to think of it: Let me rephrase it. Homebridge runs in Docker. How does Homebridge access the native Zigbee devices?

native zigbee devices are available through eWeLink CUBE pulgin

…meaning that someone in the community would need to build an eWeLink Cube integration for Home Assistant to access native Zigbee devices. Understood. Thanks. :+1: