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ihost docker docker management is now really great with the volumes management,
However we now find lot’s of developers providing there docker not via docker hub but via github ( ghcr.io)
For now it seems that searching for docker only take docker.com as source.

It would be great if specifying the host in search just handle docker pull from the good host.

Tasmoadmin is a good exemple for this case :
Package tasmoadmin · GitHub = up to date docker
Docker = obsolete docker

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Hello @Mamatt,

Are you using Tasmota devices with iHost ? How did you do to install the mosquitto broker ?
I tried the eclipse-mosquitto docker, but I think is lacking some configuration to works.

Thanks !

Have you try the latest version? Now you can set configutation when you run the docker

I tried, but I spent on a little time. Could you share how to do it ?
All devices at my home are actually ESPHome. I have seen that ESPHome is working inside HomeAssistant container. I was also unable to use ESPHome installed directly on iHost, but it would be good too and solve problems with broker.

Do you think that the possibility to use other repository than dockerhub will be available soon ?

As a workaround, maybe delegate the dockers handling to something like portainer ?
Portainer docker is working well, but it lack access to docker socket to be able to handle dockers themself.

As it can be handle dockercompose files & volumes you can get two for one !