iHost and iobroker

I have iobroker installed as a Docker. It works well so far. There is a workaround for restoring backups, which is important if people want to reliably use more complex configurations.
iobroker works well, I can integrate a lot of systems. One issue, though: I cannot access the device directly linked with the iHost itself. Does anyone have any idea? I read in another thread, that mqtt might be opened sometime in the future. But I’d be interested in a short term workaround.

Personally I’m not familiar with iobroker, and we have no plans on integrate with it for now.
can you privide some details on ‘access the device directly linked with the iHost itself’ ? maybe other users on this forum can help.

Hi @Teki - Thanks. In Germany the “market” (if you can call it that at this time) is pretty much split between Home Assistant and iobroker. Line Home Assistant, iobroker can also run in a docker on iHost. Bothe systems have some problems though:

Home Assistant: In docker there is no restore function for backups. Also there are no add ons. Other than that it works pretty well.

iobroker: Has full functionality, except for one thing: The system cannot access the devices connected to the iHost via Zigbee. There is no connection between the iHost hub and iobroker in the container.

In theory the iHost is a great device. But these limitations pose a problem for power users (and therefore the potential influencers for this device).

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Iobroker works very well on ihost. I integrated all devices in the ewlink account and also in the smarlife and other I think we need to know if there is an adaptor for access the device directly linked with the iHost itself or if such adaptor can be maked

As I’ve said many times before - the eWeLink CUBE has a very open API that allows you to access any device connected to iHost: Whether it’s direct access through Zigbee or access through other Adons

Therefore, both HA and iobrokser only need to run a corresponding Addon on them. Through the API of eWeLink CUBE, all devices on iHost can be managed and controlled. To prove that this interface works - we even provided the source code for the plugin on homebridge: the Demo contains full functionality, including communicating with the eWeLink CUBE interface, getting a list of devices on iHost, and controlling them.

We currently do not have time to develop an HA integration and iobroker addon, which needs to be completed by the community or interested developers themselves. We’re going to focus on system stability and usability for a while.