IHost Bluetooth Capability use

As you have a Bluetooth chip already in the iHost I have just had an idea for what to use it for

My Logitech Harmony hub can connect to NVIDIA Shield TV and Amazon Firesticks using Bluetooth, and my PC although that isn’t that useful. Why not copy what they are doing? I think mostly they pretend to be a Bluetooth keyboard rather than anything specific. Then you could run automations involving turning the TV on etc.
another possibility is just to use Bluetooth to sniff local presence of phones like Home Assistant can already do. That way you could run a scene if someone comes home or goes out etc.

One of the annoyances with the multitude of devices that can send out IR is they can’t control Bluetooth stuff/whereas you could.

As regards the wifi capability I would just allow it to replace the Ethernet cable as how many people have Ethernet where they would put a security device? I doubt I would ever use that tab because my Ethernet is nowhere near my front door.

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if it would be possible to copy TV remotes to ihost that would be cool. IR remotes don’t go through walls like Bluetooth does. this way I could control all four TVs in my house

Do you think Bluetooth would get the range? My Bluetooth headphones disappear after about two walls. They are battery powered though.

I would use the BT chip in the iHost to add Sonoff L2 smart strips, that is, if it were possible …

Yeah bluetooth control would open a huge range of devices!!

Is there any plan to make the bluetooth chip usable ?

Another possible use for Bluetooth is probably too specific. Heart Rate monitors and cycle Power meters use Bluetooth sensors. You could use the value to trigger a fan turning on etc. for example if your heart rate went above 120bpm you could trigger a scene in which a fan is turned on etc.