IFTTT with R5 6 way switchman/R3 Mini

I have a large ewelink ecosystem. I just bought an r5 switchman. I use it with IFTTT by connecting to a min r3 and conrolling a sonoff four way switch and the 4 way switch gives the “if” part to ifttt. I would like the r5 switchman/ r3 mini combo to be available as a trigger in IFTTT without going through the sonoff switch to trigger it. I am using the mini r3 as my wifi gateway.

May I know the exact setting of IFTTT apple you’d like to?
Need go deeper to see if it’s possible to do so.

Sonoff has many different triggers in IFTTT. I need to use the r5 switchman directly as inputs (for example “long press channel one”) as a trigger in ifttt. Thank you.

Get, checking with our tech team to see if it is possible to integrate R5 into IFTTT, stay tuned.

@Daniel_Zhan let’s loops this request together.

Thanks for your feedback.

The R5 can not be acted as a trigger in IFTTT as it is only an eWeLink Remote controller which means it can not access the cloud directly, we are working with IFTTT to integrate “an eWeLink Remote controller + eWeLink Remote gateway” as a trigger.