...I thought Christmas is coming and if I can make a wish

I don’t want to sound like I can’t get enough, but:

The THR316D and others could be full-fledged smart devices in the auto scene on the web interface (now there is a temporarily not supported inscription…)

The tenths of the temperature and humidity display could be seen on the Cast surface - even in smaller letters - now it is rounded and this is quite misleading.

If a timer is running on any device, it would also be nice to see it with a countdown on the Cast interface.

It would be possible to see which scene is currently running on the Cast interface - including the timing (if any) and the name of the device to which it applies.

The entire Cast could be a bit more typographic, for example the data could be in the center in the device buttons, or it could be a bit more elegant on a smartphone, now everything sticks to the left.

…I thought Christmas is coming and if I can make a wish…

Thank you for the ideas

  1. The THR316D is expected to be supported before the New Year
  2. you’d like the tile to display temp/humidity in one decimal place like 23.5°C/58.4% right? we’ll take this into consideration.
  3. Timer is stored locally in the device, this may not be achieved, we’ll look into this.
  4. History actions/push notifications feature is in the plan
  5. Our top priority is to support as many devices as possible, and then we will gradually optimize the UI and other features, thank you for the feedback.