I can't create scene with recursion from other scenes

I have the following need:

I want to allow a door to be opened only if another door is closed, for that I have a door (1) with a sonoff sensor and a sonoff pulse connected to a motor and in the other door (2) only a sonoff sensor, I need to activate the pulse of the door (1) only if door sensor (2) is “closed” AND door sensor (1) is also “closed”.

I managed to make the scenario work perfectly when I configure it for a specific button, but I have numerous buttons to perform the same action and I would not like to keep repeating the same events for everyone, also because I also have a scenario in case I cannot open the door (1) and the scene to close it.

With a scene ready, I need to configure that when a certain button is triggered, another button that is part of the scene configured correctly and the problem is at this point when creating the scene of a button that triggers the other, the automations (scenes) of that second button are not triggered.

what i set up

Scene 1 (Door opening)

* Button 1 (sonoff mini R2) is ON

  • Door sensor (1) is “closed”
  • Door sensor (2) is “closed”
  • Trigger sonoff pulse port (1)

Scene 2 (Another button opening)


  • Button 2 pressed
  • Change state of button 1 to on

Button 1 is a sonoff MINI R2 that is configured to work as a pulse and switches to off 2s after being pressed

Does anyone have any idea how to trigger the scenes of button 1 to be triggered from the triggering of other scenes that change their status?