I can no longer launch a scene from a scene, or have multiple triggers?

I used to be able to launch a scene from a scene (I.e trigger a manual scene within another scene) but now the option is greyed out?

Hi there. Can you provide me with a screenshot?

Hi. Because you are enabling a manual scene in a manual scene, this setting is duplicated, so eWeLink does not support this option.

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I don’t understand why - this used to work perfectly (see attached) so that I could group lights via a scene, then reduce the work in creating other scenes.


is a manual scene with a scene as an action.

Your picture shows that you were setting the auto scene as action before, which still works. The grayed-out options are manual scenes, which are not supported as an action in newly created manual scenes.

No, my photo is from a manual scene that I created a while ago - tap to perform.

If I try to ge the around this then I cannot set ‘tap to perform’ as an action as that is greyed out.

Can we reverse this, I don’t understand the problem that is caused by allowing you to launch scenes from scenes?