How to have a scene with manual override?

I just bought a SNZB-02D, zbbridge-pro and zbmini extreme to control an extractor fan in my bathroom.

How I want it to work.

Auto on at a certain threshold, auto off below a threshold (with a gap in-between for a bit of hysteresis)

I’d also like to be able to manually override at any point using the physical switch.

And finally, I’d like it to always turn off if it’s been on for a certain time, or during certain time periods.

Is there a way to do this? I’ve got two scenes for on and off at humidity triggers, but they always override anything I do on the manual switch.

And I can find no way of managing the timing. The inching feature sounds perfect, but isn’t supported on my switch?

Try out the detach mode on the ZBMINI. Using the physical switch as a relay trigger to togglel. Also, disabled/enable the automatic scenes in the process.

Hi, thanks for the reply.

So detach mode, and then a scene that uses switch activation to trigger a scene that counteracts the other scenes somehow?

How would I create the right combination of scenes for this?