How much do you know about the DELAY option in "Scene > Add a scene > Then"?

How much do you know about the DELAY option in “Scene > Add a scene > Then”?
Recently we noticed some users are not familiar with how it works. Now, let’s figure it out with two examples.

e.g. 1 Any time when you enter the basement, you hope the light is auto on. You also wish the light can be auto off after x min. You can count on the steps in Pic 1 to create this scene.

e.g. 2 When you wake up at sunrise, you hope the bedroom lights is scheduled to be on, also, after x min, your bedroom air conditioner can be auto off. Check out how to create such a scene in Pic 2.

Don’t hesitate to share if you created others scenes with Delay. Let more users know your creativity!
If you have any suggestions to Scene, feel free to let us know.

Pic 1

Step 1: Create a manual scene
Step 2: Add “Tap to perform” to “If”
Step 3: Add “Smart Device > Basement light > ON” to “Then”
Step 4: Add “Delay > 10 min” to “Then”
Step 5: Add “Smart Device > Basement light > OFF” to “Then”

Pic 2

Step 1: Create an auto scene
Step 2: Add “Sunrise” to “If”
Step 3: Add “Smart Device > Bedroom light > ON” to “Then”
Step 4: Add “Delay > 30 min” to “Then”
Step 5: Add “Smart Device > Bedroom AC > OFF” to “Then”

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I have never been able to use an IF as well as an action on the same device.

If light is on, then turn light off. Not able to do this.

Delay is also mysterious.

If time is 9:00 then waterpump ON
delay 59min
Waterpump OFF
delay 59min
Waterpump ON
Delay 59min
Waterpump OFF

It doesn’t work. 9am pump goes on, and stays on until I turn it off

Hey Stephan, we created a scene that is similar to yours and it turned out to work. If your scene still doesn’t work, please submit a support ticket in eWeLink App and our support team will help fix the issue. Thanks for your patience.

I dont think this is what he wanted.
He wanted exactly what i also need so bad.
Same device in IF of the scene, if on or off
Same device to trigger acrion
Withing a scheduled time.

For example, when the device is online after power outage, go on or off or last state.
For example when the device is triggered on, manual or by schedule, to delay before it actually goes on

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