Hide selected offline devices + confirmation of activation of device

Couple of ideas I would find useful, and perhaps others would too.

1: only hide selected offline devices. Eg, a tick box in the settings of a device where you can select if it hides when offline.
So when my S26 smart plugs arn’t in use, they hide themselves and is are out of the way, but when my door sensors go off line I can see them off line and and they’re not hidden.

2: a confirmation from the app to activate a device, so again maybe another tick box in the settings of a device, that if ticked the app then ask you to confirm the activation of a switch. This would ad a layer of protection for accidental activations.
You could use it for a pump that could potentially flood something. Or a garage door you don’t want to accidentally put up, or down.

Hi jake,

Thank you so much for the ideas. As for the first suggestion, it might provide more flexibility for users to view online and offline devices.

But I have some concerns over the second suggestion. If we add a confirmation to activate the devices, it seems to take longer time to activate a device. In smart home automation, we highlight efficiency. We understand that it enhances security and prevents accidental activations. Right now, we have an alternative work around for this. You can create a scene like this: when the device is turned on, send notifications. When you receive notifications, you can decide the next actions.

Hi pete thanks for the prompt reply.

With the work around, am I right in saying that it would still activate the device, but then the notification would alert me so I can stop/ revert it? If so this would be annoying because whenever another house member activates the device I will get a notification and vice versa. Where as if it were able to be a “are you sure you want to activate” or “confirm activation “ just that user would have to have that interaction.

So Even if it was an optional feature you could decide to turn on, like inching ( with the default it being off) this would still add time to every activation regardless if it was being utilised or not?

Hi jake, yep this idea is cool. If we implemented this feature, we could make it optional. Users can decide whether to toggle it on or not. We will bring it to our team for discussion first. Thanks for the suggestion.