New feature

Please consider my suggestion to improve the program. I propose to add a new function with which it will be possible to automatically collect in advance the selected devices that are turned on (activated) in a separate tab

Hi there, thanks for the suggestion. May I know why you need such a feature? What is it used for?

For faster and more convenient control over the devices turned on, what is happening at home. Some devices are constantly turned on through smart sockets (router, video surveillance, heating pump…), while others are turned on by family members and they forget to turn them off. And if the list of devices is long, then the control becomes more complicated, when searching, there is confusion between those that should be on and between those that should be off. And having the ability to selectively collect all the included devices in one group, everything will happen much faster and easier. Thank you !!!

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Hi there, thanks so much for the explanation. This feature is similar to “hide offline devices”. I have noted this feature down and will bring it to discuss with our team later. Thank you for the idea.