Grouping Zigbee Devices

Is there a way to group multiple Zigbee devices? I don’t seem to be able to do so at the minute and it would be really useful

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May I know the models of your Zigbee devices? In fact, only some Zigbee switches can be grouping control. Please list me the device ID and I will check that out for you.

Hello. All of the devices which I would like to group are ZBMini switches

Steve, unfortunately, these models cannot be grouped now. We will consider adding the grouping control capability for them in future updates.
So far, we have an solution for your reference, that is, create a manual Scene.
Condition: Tap to perform
Action: add all ZB Mini Switches to be turned on when you tap the condition.

If you wanna turn off all switches at the same time, create another similar manual Scene. When you tap, all switches will be turned off.

Attach a screenshot to show how to create such a scene:)

Hi Peter
Thanks for your response.
I have already created manual scenes, which work well.
However, it would be really helpful to be able to group the devices to avoid having to re-enter them all each time I want to set up a scene involving same group of devices.
In the meantime, I have used the following work around
Create a scene whereby if one device (ZB Mini) is on, it switches all the other ZB Minis on and if one off, all off.
I’ve done this to use the thermostat function on NSPanel Pro, which only allows triggering of one device. I wanted all my Zigbee controlled radiators switching on with temperature and time conditions at the same time.

Hi there, your suggestion of adding grouping devices as an action in Scene really makes sense. I have brought it to the team for evaluation. Thanks so much for the nice idea!

Thanks Peter
I appreciate the feedback. As a new user, I am seeing lots of ideas, which could help build on the platform.
I will continue to send them through as I think about them
Best wishes

Sounds great!! Users’ ideas are welcome in eWeLink. What we do is to bring something that our users really need. So, feel free to share with us your ideas, experience with the App, and more:)