Help running Matter-Server in iHost docker

I am running Home Assistant in Docker in iHost. I wish to add iHost’s zigbee devices to Home Assistant via Matter Bridge.

When I try this, I get the following error:

For this to work, I need to Matter Server in Docker. When I install Matter Server in iHost’s Docker, it fails to run. I am newbie and would like help in configuring the settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Hi drsrinivasd69

Thanks for the feedback!

HA needs a running Matter Server (Matter Add-on) for this integration. However, sadly, the official Matter docker image ONLY supports x64 chipsets (iHost uses a 32-bit one), so you may need to run this container on other devices you have and fill in the link to the tab you posted.

For further guidance on this, I would highly recommend you turn to the HA forum or their Discord where you would get more professional assistance.

Hope these answer your question.


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Hi Ward,

Thanks for the guidance. I will seek further help in the HA community page.

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Did you get any matter-server image that works on ihost?

All the ones I have tried so far none of them work.

Thank you

Nothing has worked. As Ward, pointed out in the previous reply. iHost is built on 32 bit architecture which does not support HA’s matter server. I hope someone here can figure out a workaround.