Grant device management

Dear good morning, how can I grant full control of a device to another account and remove it from mine

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I don’t think it should be possible unless the other add the devices to their own after reset it.

This feature should be added, in case we sell a house with a lot of smart devices and we need to transfer the control to the next buyer.

Make sense, feature like merge or transfer.

I remember that one of our user give the buyer his original account and password when he sold the house, and he registered a new one for further use. :joy:

And another user changed the account email to the buyer’s after he sold the property.

One more concern, if the seller remove/suspended the network of the sold house, or the buyer wired a new network or changed the WiFi which i think is usually doing so, this ‘Grant feature’ is meaningless.

This is why the Wi-Fi network used to smarthings devices is not the main router, but an additional router used only for these devices.

When the new owner add his Broadband (internet), he just need to connect (via LAN cable) the router to his modem.

That’s a smart workaround, will evaluate this feature with dev-team.

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