General Features

Hello everybody, How are you? (I hope and wish well.)
Thank you in advance for the spectacular platform and existing resources! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

I have some suggestions regarding devices and notifications:

✔ Devices

  • Circuit breakers
    • Add scene options like "if consumption/current/voltage reaches X then start a timer of Y minutes and Z seconds.
    • Add a set of scene options to activate such as "if consumption exceeds X and it is a Monday, then start a timer of Y minutes and Z seconds.
  • Devices in General
    • Add options to insert a personalized icon from the smartphone itself, with defined criteria, such as format and size (so it doesn't weigh so much on the server), or some forum field for sending and voting to add a few more.< /li>
    • Add options to turn off ALL indicative lights, such as switch keys, so that at night we are truly in the dark.
    • Improve NFC functionality to activate without having to open the APP when we touch the TAG, with the screen locked for example.
  • Not Intelligent
    • Any possibility to add non-smart camera monitoring via onvif protocol?
    • If the answer to the previous question is positive: add a generic floating frame with access to cameras via onvif, being able to monitor non-intelligent cameras in conjunction with, for example, opening the gate, like activating device Y opening camera Z in the floating frame .

✔ Notifications

  • Ringtones
    • Add the option of different ringtones for certain devices, or be able to choose for each device, such as opening sensors, which could have a very loud siren, for example, I placed one on the main door of the residence, and when it opens and close comes a simple notification like any other, if it were a perimeter breach I would hardly see it at the time, non-intelligent devices dedicated to this already make these scandalous notifications, like the WD MOB APP from JFL Alarmes for example, perhaps it could be based on files already saved on the phone itself, so it doesn't burden the server.
  • Appearance
    • Notifications could appear with the device icon referring to the activation.


Thx for your detailed advice! Have forwarded your suggestions to our product team for further evaluation.