Father's day promo

Links in the promo email do not seem to work.
Anybody who made it work?

Hi there, may I know when did you receive the promo email? And you mentioned the link doesn’t work. What does it mean? Doesn’t the link take you to a product details page? Could you provide a screenshot to show us the link that is inserted into a pic or text?
I just double checked the links and it seems they all work.

The links are working since Tuesday evening.
When the message arrived Monday they would end up dead or on standard front page on Aliexpress.

Prices are still not as advertised but it could be due to taxes and shipping. The prices in the email are likely ex EU tax.

Rgds Anders

Thank you so much for the feedback. I’m wondering if you have VPN running on your mobile phone. If so, did you enable the local proxy?

As for the prices, actually, the prices on the pages are not fixed. The sellers offer higher or lower prices according to their marketing plans at different times. We appreciate your feedback and we will be careful about this in the future.