eWeLink Store

Hello to everybody!
As I did not find the topic or even any real information about the eWeLink Store on the internet, I’m starting this topic for everyone to be able to share their experiences or asking the questions regarding the eWeLink Store: https://ewelinkstore.com/?v=d181cdbd5616

So let me start with the first question.

Is the eWeLink Store the official store from eWeLink, is it legit?
Can anyone who used this shop share some experiences?

If there is some other topic for these questions, please inform me and I’ll move it.

Better late then sorry:
eWeLink Store is an European reseller operating from Hungary and only ships to European countries.
I have personal contact with the owner sometimes (in my role as owner of the eWeLink Community Website at https://ewelinkcommunity.net) and he did ship some devices to me to test. I only didn’t find the time yet to test those.
Shipping goes with GLS and goes reasonable fast.
Prices may be higher than ordering at AliExpress or itead.cc or so, but you get your products from within European Union borders and European warranty.