Failed to control message and time delay

When controlling my devices in ihost I get a message “Failed to control”
The device does however then respond about 7 seconds later

May I know the model of the device?

4gb RV1126

I have the same issue. I have 57 ewelink sonoff devices synced, even some cameras which are working well. However, trying to switch a device on or off (any one of my many different types mini R2/R3, Pow R2 R3 etc) results in a delay followed by message "“Failed to control”. Sometimes the status of the device changes after some time. Controlling the same device in the ewelink app or web is instantaneous (all set to LAN control). iHost eventually catches up with change of status and displays it correctly. Often a device would show offline in iHost, but I can control it via ewelink app. Eventually the iHost shows it as online again. This makes absolutely no sense - I can see the devices on my network management tools and they are all on the same network with the iHost.

Let me add that I have the 1126 model and running version 1.9.1. All my devices are on latest firmware versions.

I use Google wifi. Could this affect it?

Update - I updated this issue on the eWeLink CUBE forum category - here is the link: Failure to control eWelink devices on iHost