eWeLink Smart Home Add-in for Home Assistant is not auto polling all devices

Having an issue where the eWeLink Smart Home Add-in for Home Assistant is not auto polling all devices only some are polled (Displaying status of: On/Off, Power, Voltage, Current). Thus the Home Assistant is not collecting data correctly for those missing devices. I can manually poll by clicking on the circle icon to the right of the Sync Lovelace Card. How do I repair/fix the polling of all devices?

Figured out the issue! It was a weak Wifi Signal causing dropout. The Reposition those that were having the issue and proper polling was restored.

It would be nice if the Add-on also showed Wifi Signal strength. -20dB to -55 dB is a great signal. Approaching -60 dB and strange anomalies start to happen.

Looks like another AP will be needed at my location.

Edit [New info added below]-

The problem has returned to the eWeLink Smart Home Add-on Slug not cycling (and pulling data and displaying it correctly on the eWeLink dashboard. Log shows things are working in background but it is just not displaying the status and other data from all of the S31 Smart Plugs. Only 1 of 4 on a alternating time loop is working and displaying data.

I found out why I had my issue. I had a incomplete network setup, why it still functioned 95% of the time is for the programmers. But once I hard set my network completely (went from DHCP to static address in the Home Assistant - Yellow) , including the DNS entry, everything took off running. Why network settings that were DHCP kept the HA from communication/Polling the Sonoffs I still don’t understand. But it is working again.